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Next year a large mirrorbox will appear at different places throughout the UK. It may stay for a few minutes and be asked to move on, or it might stay the whole day.

Where the box stops will be chosen by people living with M.E./CFS or long COVID and other health conditions that make getting to places that are special, impossible at times.


Inside the box, an audio message will be left by the person who has chosen that place.

At these locations, visitors entering the box will hear the message and are invited to reply by writing a postcard back. 

An interactive map will gather these voices together with the mirrorbox placed at as many of the locations as possible, starting in May next year.​

Mock-up of the mirror cube on a beach

About the Project

"I think of what I might say to someone standing there, unaware of my absence."

Lockdown was a realisation of what it is like to be shut inside and cut off from so much of normal everyday life.

For over two million people who have ME/CFS or Long COVID this a permanent reality. By our absence we have become invisible...

About the artist

Alison Larkman is an artist based in Bristol, UK. Her work explores themes of fragility, invisibility and scale, responding to the experience of living with M.E.

I Would be Here If I Could has been awarded a project grant from Arts Council England.

Alison Larkman, the artist behind 'I Would Be Here If I Could...'
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